Project DO

Update 12/31/13: All Project DO posts will be listed here on the Project DO page, regardless of year. What was I thinking when I initially attached a year to the project?

Welcome to the Project DO page. While I'll be keeping track of my Project DO progress in regular blog posts, I'd like to explain briefly what Project DO is all about.

I've decided that 2013 is the year to really declutter (D) and organize (O) but I needed an easy way to actually remember to do it (yes, it would have gone straight out of my head within a day or so) and track my progress. Hence, Project DO right here at The Best 50 Years was born!

Why declutter AND organize? Well, as Flylady says, you CAN'T organize clutter. So in order to become more organized, I need to declutter, as well. And I'd just like to make my life simpler.

My goal with the project is to choose an area to DO each week. At this point, I plan to take before and after photos that I'll share, along with a brief narrative about my success (or lack thereof). Beings a picture is supposedly worth 1,000 words, my narratives can be really short, right?

Anyway, if you'd like to join me and plan to document your journey, I'd love to link to your blog here. Just leave a comment below with your blog's URL.

Happy DOing!

Project DO Posts


My DO List

Beings I need a simple way to keep track of things, as I think of them, I'll list my areas to DO here. Initially, many will be broad but I'll break them down into manageable chunks when I start working on them. After all, I want to set myself up for success, right? Also, as I blog about my choices/progress, I'll add links.

computer files
kindle books
sewing room
craft supplies
DVDs and videos


  1. I love Project DO! What a great concept. I will start my DO list first thing in the morning. Resuming regular posting on my poor, virtually abandoned blog will be right on top.

    Thanks for the great idea.

    1. I also resolve to have a better posting schedule for 2013 and Project DO is going to help a lot. As my goal for this blog is two posts each week, just posting my Project DO progress will get me halfway there! Hmm. Do you suppose that's cheating?