Monday, January 14, 2013

Project DO - Continuing to Organize with Calibre

Over the past week, I uploaded all the Kindle books from my Cruz Reader. Then in the Kindle-specific library, also created a couple of custom columns and tweaked the tags for even better organization.
Custom columns
·         DRM – it’s more convenient to read on the Calibre viewer so now I know which books I can and can’t
·         Location – so I always know whether the book in on my Cruz or Kindle for PC (or both)
I removed all preset tags and created my own so that I can easily find books based on a categorizing system that makes sense to me. For the most part, I don’t want too many tags – just broad categories. If (when?) this system quits working for me, I can add more tags for subcategories.

Now, copying the books from my Cruz Reader to Calibre was easy but it doesn’t appear to be so simple going the other direction. But this is a non-issue as I probably won’t ever anyway. The reason for Calibre is to know what I have and where it is. And if a book is DRM free, I can read it with my Calibre viewer, if I choose. Otherwise, I’ll just open Kindle for PC or fire up my Cruz.

Project DO Progress – Week 2

After uploading the Kindle books on my Cruz Reader, moving over most of the rest of the ebooks hidden on my hard drive, and combining the quilt/sew/craft ebooks and digital patterns and magazines libraries, my second week Project DO organizing totals are:
·         437 Kindle ebooks (yeah, I admit it – I downloaded a few more, too)
·         229 other ebooks
·         396 quilt/sew/craft ebooks and digital patterns/magazines
·         154 hardcopy quilting/sewing/craft books
·         39 other hardcopy books
As you can see, I’ve made great progress on my digital file organization but not so much on hardcopy books.  But that’s ok – while it’s great to have the hardcopy books so beautifully organized on Calibre, they were actually an afterthought. My goal was to get my digital book and pattern files organized and I’m nearly done with that!

Shiny Object Syndrome Strikes Again!

Well, I have to fess up – I could have easily been done with everything I need on Calibre and finished up with this phase of Project DO but I allowed myself to get distracted. But I got distracted doing other Project DO tasks, so it’s ok, right? Of course it is! And Calibre will need ongoing maintenance to keep it current. After all, if it’s not current, what good is it? So, the fact is, Calibre will never actually be done.
So what else did I DO? I got a good start on cleaning up my blogs (full report next week) and finally went through and organized most of the scattered notes and patterns-in-progress in my sewing room. So see? I haven’t been slacking!

So...what Project DO tasks did you accomplish this past week?

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