Christmas Prep

Update 12/31/13: All Christmas Prep posts will be listed here, regardless of year. As with Project DO, what was I thinking when I initially attached a year to the project?

In addition to working on Project DO throughout 2013, I also plan to be ready for Christmas well ahead of December this year. I'm usually not too unprepared but in 2012, I was horrible! With less than a week until Christmas, there I was, online buying e-gifts and on the phone having my DD shop for me. Never again!

How did this happen? Well, it was a series of unforeseen and uncontrollable events that stacked one on top of the other and created a crisis. But I've learned my lesson! This year, I'm going to take little steps from January through October so that I can enjoy a stress-free November and December. Along the way, I'll share what I'm doing and I'd love ideas and feedback from others, as well.

Care to join me?

Christmas Prep 2013 Posts

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