Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kapoosh and July Christmas Prep Report

We're only five months away from the big day! How did that happen? Well, things are moving along nicely on the Christmas prep front although I think I'm going to have to pick up the pace come September if I plan to be done with my Christmas shopping by October 31. But it's summer... And the grandkids are coming for a week... Do you suppose my procrastination and excuses is what got me in trouble before?


I've discovered the coolest thing! It's a Kapoosh. Yes, that's really the name. And in case you couldn't tell, it's a counter top knife holder. No more trying to figure out what silly slot to put each knife in. With the Kapoosh, you just stick them anywhere you want. It's got plastic 'Freedom Rods' that separate to allow room for the blades and keep them securely in place. And yes, I tried to find replacement rods or something similar so I could make my own but no luck - so I'll have to buy one already made. And if I can find them on sale, guess what a couple of folks on my list are getting for Christmas?

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