Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Just Get Rid of It!

"If something's not working in your life – no matter how attractive it seemed when you took it on – get rid of it."
~ Stacey Curnow

Project DO got derailed early on and I haven't posted about it since. Oops. And now we're 58% done with the year! How did that happen? Ok - so it's the end of July. Ok - so I haven't accomplished all that I wanted and don't seem to be headed in the right direction to do so. What should I do? Give up? I think not!

So...what happened, anyway? Well, we spent a couple of months away from home half the time, during which and after I finished five memorial quilts in record time (aren't deadlines great?). Then we went north for a couple weeks. And then I've been working on the book that was supposed to be published in draft and to the beta readers in June. Hmm. I'm not impressing myself here...

So did I accomplish any Project DO tasks? Actually, yes. I've filled and sent several boxes to the thrift store and gotten rid of three (yes, 3) huge garbage bags of 'trash' - I may be the queen of re-purpose most of the time but there are some things even I can't find another use for! Which brings me to the above quote...

Many things I hang on to no longer work in my life and I need to just get rid of them. I think I'll post Stacy's quote in each room so I can keep it firmly in mind. How about you? What isn't working that you can get rid of?

See? I did get something done...

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