Cake a Week 2013

Update 12/31/13: The Cake a Week was a near total bust - I didn't even bake enough for a cake a month! Why did I think I could possibly bake, photograph and post a new cake even every other week? Silly me - but we did get to try a few yummy new recipes! Unlike Project DO and Christmas Prep (both of which I'm continuing), I'm going to leave Cake a Week just as it is, a testament to my tendency to take on too much.

I ran across a cake-a-week project on another blog (sorry, don't remember where) and decided it sounded like fun. I tried to get my SIL to do it but she outsmarted me - she suggested we BOTH do it and switch off weeks.

So, as if I don't already have enough to do, I'm allowing the shiny object syndrome to overcome me once again and I'm planning alternating with my SIL to do our own cake-a-week project this year. How fun is that? Anyway, I'll post about my cakes and add links to each post on this page. Enjoy!

Cake-a-Week 2013 Posts

Other Cake Ideas for 2013

Guess What Snack Cake
Oatmeal Cake

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