Friday, January 8, 2016

Focus Word for 2016

Prerna and Mayank over at Content Bistro recently posted Our Word for the Year: The Powerfully Intentional Way to Achieve Goals as Entrepreneurs and Parents. Well, this got me thinking...

What should my focus word be for 2016?

After giving it some thought, I chose:


While simplify was initially at the top of my list, I suddenly realized that if I just finish even a fraction of the things I've already started, other areas of my life will automatically be simpler.


What is your focus word for 2016?


  1. I selected Finish also! There are so many things I leave unfinished, and for no good reason.

    1. I've created subcategories - quilts, books/patterns, organizing, etc - of projects I need to finish and plan to do one a week and document it here at The Best 50 Years. Care to join me, Barbara?