Saturday, May 25, 2013

Batman and May Christmas Prep Report

Cool Batman blankie
A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Need I say more?

Well, maybe I don't need to, but I will anyway...

We've got a budding superhero with a particular love of Batman. So it was a Batman-themed birthday this month, which gave me the opportunity to pair this oh-so-cool Batman panel with flannel from an orphaned top sheet (the bottom finally wore beyond repair but the top was fine) to create a blankie that is cool on at least two levels:
  • First, it's Batman - hello! You can't get much cooler than that.
  • Second, our little man sleeps hot and told me months ago (that's right - in the middle of winter) that he needed a "cold" blanket. So I didn't put anything between the layers.
Good job on the Batman cake, mama!
I was so pleased the easiness and results that I posted directions for this super simple lightweight blankie over at Quilting and Sewing with Kids.

And you certainly can't have a birthday without a cake...

Didn't his mama do a great job?

So...what does this have to do with Christmas Prep? Well, remember that Christmas Prep for me includes all gift-giving occasions throughout the year and a birthday for a five-year-old is most certainly a gift-giving occasion!

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