Monday, February 4, 2013

Combining Projects for a Quadruple Win!

I'm upgrading my kitchen with new potholders, too.

Do you realize the year is almost one-tenth over? That’s right – one-tenth. Beings there’s 365 days this year and January had 31 of them, by the time noon rolls around on February 5th, we will officially be one-tenth through the year. 

So, what have I accomplished? Am I making progress on any goals at all? YES!!! And I’ll tell you how…

Combining projects takes multi-tasking to a whole new level
Two of my three main goals for 2013 are decluttering/organizing throughout the year and being completely ready for Christmas by the end of October. Also, for February, I joined a challenge to commit to quilt 20 minutes each day.
Coincidentally, I had also just signed up for two free motion quilting classes through Craftsy so I decided to spend my quilting time practicing free motion. Well, it seemed a waste to stitch such pretty designs and then throw them away so... I started making potholders.
Beings I already had denim rounds (recycled from jeans) cut years ago in anticipation of a potholder project, all I had to do was layer those with batting (I have plenty of scrap pieces) and backing (again, plenty of scrap pieces) and quilt away! Then I realized they’d make great gifts, so I’m making progress on 2013 Christmas Prep, too! And to top it off, I already had several remnants of bias binding left over from past quilts so I’m really decluttering my sewing room!

Made completely from leftovers from other projects!

That’s what I call a quadruple win! With this one enjoyable activity, I am:
  • Meeting my 20 minute per day quilting challenge (ok – I’m way exceeding 20 minutes but it sure is fun!)
  •     Vastly improving my free-motion quilting skill (and thanks to Leah Day's Craftsy class, I may even become a free-motion rock star!)
  • Decluttering my sewing room (we're talking leftover fabric, batting, thread and bindings!)
  • Making nice gifts that are useful, too (seriously, who couldn’t use new potholders?)

I'm going to be on the lookout for more way to combine projects. Whether I'll hit upon any more quadruple wins remains to be seen but I think it'll be pretty easy to hit on some double and triple wins. And now that I think about it, this one might actually be a quintuple win beings it was also fun...

So, how can you combine projects to meet your 2013 goals?

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