Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Project DO Introduction

Welcome 2013! It’s a brand new year and you’ve got a clean slate on which to write your future. What do you want to accomplish in the coming 12 months?
One of my goals is to declutter and get more organized. But wait – don’t I say this every year? Yep, most years over the past couple of decades, anyway. But this year I got all cutesy. You know how some folks name their cars? (Been there, done that, btw.) Well, I named my goal.
Introducing… (drumroll, please)
Project DO
In case you need an explanation of my cleverness, the D stands for declutter and the O stands for organize – Declutter and Organize – Project DO. See? Isn’t that cute? And catchy and memorable, too. At least I hope so because otherwise I’ll probably forget about it altogether in a few weeks.
My plan is to identify an area each month and then focus on a specific subarea each week. (We’ll see how that goes!) My first area of focus is My Documents on my PC. It’s a mess! I usually have to search for files despite (or maybe because of?) having created folders and subfolders and subfolders and… Well, you can see the problem.
So this first week of Project DO I’m going to focus on my hundreds of PDF format ebooks that are scattered all about in 4-5 main folders and dozens (if not hundreds) of subfolders. And how am I going to conquer this beast? Well, I have a secret weapon. (Ok, so maybe it’s not really a “secret” but beings I just found out about it and I’m not telling you yet, I guess that’s secret enough, right?)
Will I finish this monumental task in one week? NO. Will I finish by the end of the month? Maybe not. But beings Project DO is my baby, I can make up the rules as I go along. And if I need to roll a focus into a second month, or maybe leave it partly done and come back to it later, that’s ok! I’m after progress here, not perfection. If I go for perfection, I’ll likely overwhelm myself into paralysis – not a good state for getting anything done.
Care to join me?
If you’d like to join me, please feel free. Just leave a comment here or on the Project DO page and I’ll include a link to your blog. We can DO this!


  1. My project this week was to take down all of the Christmas decorations and...actually put them away. Taking them down isn't too hard, but boxing and storing them is the part I don't like.

    So far the decorations are down and in boxes, but they just haven't gotten back to the storage area yet. :)

    1. We didn't have much to put away this year because we didn't do much decorating. Beings we got snowed in before Christmas, our guests were also snowed out so that cut down on the Christmas decor. And we're still snowed in. I'm just waiting for spring so I can get together with my sweet little DGS and finally make the gingerbread house his auntie bought him!