Saturday, May 1, 2010

Grandma's Little Black Book for Freelance Writers

Grandma is a well-known name among Textbroker writers old and new. On the No Job for Mom blog, she's the go-to person when questions of any kind come up about Textbroker. I've been writing for Textbroker about 9 months and am really grateful for all the advice she so generously shares. And now she written an eBook called "Grandma's Little Black Book - How to Make Money Freelance Writing for Textbroker."

I ordered a copy as soon as I found out about the book on NJFM. It's 19 pages chock-full of valuable info including tips from Grandma based on her vast experience there. Although I thought I was totally familiar with the Textbroker site and process, I learned several new things. Sure would have been nice to have this resource when I first started! The guide is written specifically about Textbroker but a lot of the info would be of use to any budding freelance online writer. So if your interested in starting or furthering an online freelance writing career, get yourself a copy - especially if you're interested in writing for Textbroker or are already writing there.

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