Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Is the Chi Blocked in Your Bedroom?

Essential Feng Shui: Your Practical Guide to Health, Wealth and Happiness
According to the principles of feng shui, the free flow of Chi (energy) in the home is essential to health, happiness and prosperity. In the bedroom, it is believed to be especially important to allow Chi to flow freely beneath the bed. Guess what this means? That’s right – clear out everything from under the bed.

What? No more storage? Can that be right? Actually, yes. And for reasons unrelated to feng shui. Whether or not you adhere to these ancient Chinese principles, keeping the space beneath the bed free of clutter is a good idea for a t least two other reasons:
  • You can more easily keep that area clean, reducing a build up of potential allergens.
  • If you want to rearrange the room, or just need to move the bed temporarily, doing so is a snap!
I've been reading Essential Feng Shui by Simon Brown and yesterday was inspired to do some deep cleaning, starting in the bedroom. First I stood the mattress, box spring and frame up against the wall. This gave me easy access to all the stuff store underneath and allowed me to vacuum the carpeting really well. What did I find there? A few under-bed boxes with extra linens and card-making supplies, some free weights, a box of paperwork and the electric blanket controller. Not too bad, actually.

What did I do with it all? Not much yet – some of it is actually stacked in another room for now. The card-making supplies will go to my craft room, the paperwork has been filed away and I’ll make room for the linens in a closet. As for the free weights? Not sure.

Did we sleep better last night with our freshly freed Chi? Well, we both slept fine. I was actually up a couple of hours early but felt refreshed so must have slept well prior to awakening, right? Anyway, I’m on a quest to declutter and I like empty space so this is a win-win for me. Will I become a total feng shui convert? Likely not beings the free flow of Chi under the bed is about the only thing I’m doing right in that room according to the principles. But it makes cleaning and decluttering fun and it can’t hurt, right?

So how about it? Are you ready to release the Chi in your bedroom?

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