Friday, April 30, 2010

Readbud Update

Update 12/9/10: Red Alert! Readbud IS a SCAM! It’s official - see PTC Investigations for full report.

Update 10/8/10: Readbud banner and links removed as
I no longer recommend Readbud.

Well, I’ve been a Readbud participant for 5 days now and am having fun for the most part. I get to read and rate articles of interest and get a few cents each for doing so. Sounds like a win-win to me! So far I’ve made nearly $7 so I won’t be quitting my day job (wait! I don’t have a day job!) but it’s a little extra money piling up for a rainy day. Anyway, I’ve yet to reach payout so have no first-hand experience on how that will go but I’m optimistic based on what I’ve read online. It takes a while to hit the $50 mark so we’ll see what happens in another month or so.

I’ve discovered a work-around on what may be glitches in the system or a problem with my computer or a combo of both. Periodically the articles freeze up during download. Try refresh but if that doesn’t work, just close the browsers and open the Readbud site again. This usually works for me.

To rate articles that may have been skipped due to closing and opening browsers, just go to Article History. The titles of every article you’ve read or been offered to read are listed there. Just click on any that show as not rated and proceed as usual. Be sure to do this promptly, however – the opportunity to rate and be paid expires the same day.

All in all, my Readbud experience has been positive. There was a problem with the site a couple of days ago and it was down mostly all day. Things seem to be back to normal now, however. So happy reading!

Please note that the links in this blog post are referral links. So if you click on one and sign up, I will receive $5 once you reach payout.


  1. I have just recently joined, where they offer to pay users to read, and then rate articles. I am a writer, and I found it odd that they had no jobs available for writers, being that the content for reading is of many genres and styles.

    While reading, I decided to copy some of the content into Google's search and to my disappointment, every article I searched came from another site, without giving any credit to the author or the site it came from. All of their articles come from sites like, and and readbud just ignores their terms and uses the articles without giving ANY credit to the authors or websites. I have reported them to Articlebase, and hopefully it will help.

    I can't continue to work for a company that steals from other companies, and of course that probably means that they won't be paying anyone either. UNethical to the Nth degree.

    Via con Dios

  2. Thank you for posting this info here - I guess I have more research to do!

  3. readbud is indeed a great service and I would like to share my payment proof since I'm so happy I got paid:

  4. Thanks for the confirmation on payment, nukleus. I contacted readbud about the copyright concern and received an almost instantaneous reply assuring me that there are no copyright issues due to the public availability of all articles. I've requested clarification re: the lack of attribution on some articles and the article submission process. I'll share whatever info I receive in a future post.

  5. Readbud does not steal others articles, if you read the entire site closely you will see that they offer advertising for authors who have content that they want exposed. The author pays a certain amount per click to the reader, that is where the income comes from They are a great company just misunderstood

  6. Thanks for the comment, Stacie. I am a little disappointed in the changes at Readbud lately, however. It appears they've lost the Google Adsense ads and are relying primarily on banner ads for games (no thanks!) and infolink ads that don't seem to produce relevant results. Also, I'm getting about half the amount of articles each day and usually have to click at least once past a tip telling me to click on the sponsors to get more articles. Well, I'm not the least interested in online gaming and the infolink ads are mostly just annoying. I'm hoping things there will improve soon.