Saturday, April 3, 2010

New AdSense Revenue Sharing Writing Site – 80% Revenue Share!

There’s a new revenue sharing writing site on the web that pays a generous 80% of Google AdSense revenue to the authors! Launched just a few weeks ago by, an SEO and Web Services company based in Texas, purports to be similar to

I found out about ArticleShare when I was invited to do this sponsored post. So I signed up. The site uses a WordPress blog platform for publishing articles. Although I haven’t published yet, I’m somewhat familiar with WordPress due to previous blog experience. Anyway, the publishing part shouldn’t be a problem.

My concern at this point is the inability to locate the full text of the License Agreement, which I had to accept when registering. There’s a check box but no way that I’ve found to access the agreement. So I need to read that little piece of legalese before proceeding. I plan to email them but don’t see any contact info either. Hmm. Anyway, I’ll get on the site and bring these two things to their attention.

The rules spelled out on the site are simple. There are only three – SPAM is prohibited, clicking on your own ads is prohibited and you are limited to two links per article. While freedom of expression is nice, I personally would prefer a little more structure – like a detailed Terms of Service page maybe? For instance: What about copyright? Are pictures allowed? Any restrictions re: profanity, porn or other offensive material? I wouldn’t want to be associated with a site that allows inappropriate content. 

At this point, I plan to proceed cautiously. I want to ensure that I retain full copyright to any articles placed on the site. I also won’t be entering my Google Advertising ID until my questions have been answered. So I’ll keep you posted as I find out more!

Update to above info (and this part has NOT been sponsored):

Now that the Terms and Conditions are posted on the site and the Rules have been completed, count me in! As far as I can see, ArticleShare is a total go – I’ve received a prompt email response to all my concerns and I'm satisfied that this is a great new online writing residual income opportunity. I've got my profile done and am in the process of posting my first article. Isn’t this exciting?

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  1. Certainly keep us updated on this opportunity. I will be curious to see what kind of traffic a new site like that can generate and how rapidly it can pick up some Page Rank. The 80% figure looks good for sure.