Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tolo Lake Mammoth at Grangeville, Idaho

Photo credit: Idaho Tourism
Used by permission.
On our trip north, we're hoping to see the Tolo Lake Mammoth Replica at Grangeville, Idaho. We'll have a couple of grands (ages 4 and 11) with us so they should be interested and impressed. Also, it will be a nice place to stop and stretch after being cooped up in the car.

Now, this is a replica, not a real skeleton. But I doubt the kids will know the difference, right? And there have been mammoth bones found close by at Tolo Lake so that makes it sort of authentic. Hopefully we'll get a nice photo that I can add when I get back.

Update: Well, we didn't manage to get any photos of our own but the Idaho Tourism site was kind enough to let me use theirs. Thanks Idaho Tourism!

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