Monday, July 16, 2012

ExploreNorth - a Great Start for Our Alaska Trip Research

I was doing a little preliminary research for our 2014 drive-the-Alcan-to-Alaska trip and found a great website and blog that may tell me just about everything I need to know. Of course, I won't stop there - being an information junkie, I'll keep finding more and more info and photos. But ExploreNorth is a good start.

An interesting tidbit I found when researching the Sign Post Forest (more on that in another post) is that Watson Lake is the third largest town in the Yukon. And as of June 2009, that meant a total population of 1,561. That's right - less than 1,600 people and it's the third largest town in the whole territory, which covers a whopping 186,272 square miles. In fact, the 2011 population of the Yukon is less than 34,000 people (see That means there's close to 5.5 square miles per person! Of course, a lot of the Yukon is harsh and remote, but still...

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