Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Two Great Cleaning Products – Good News and Bad News

We have a few rentals and one just became vacant. In preparation for cleaning, I went to the store to buy my all-time favorite tub and shower-cleaning product, Shower Power. It works great on built-up soap scum – no scrubbing or nasty fumes. Imagine my dismay when I discovered not only that they didn’t have any in stock, but also that it wasn’t even listed as available from any distributor. So I settled for an Arm & Hammer product that worked ok but not nearly as well or as effortlessly as Shower Power.

During the same cleaning spree, I discovered the magic of Holy Cow! all-purpose cleaner. I’d bought a bottle months ago because it was on sale (and it was pink) but hadn’t really tried it yet. Had I not seen the results with my own eyes, I would not have believed anything could clean that well! And the best part? The product didn’t eat the skin off my hands! How cool is that? Quite a pleasant change for me.

Now for the good and bad news:

Shower Power is actually still available but must be ordered online. Apparently the owners retired and closed the business down. There was so much interest in the product, however, that their sons resurrected it as an online only (at least at this time) venture. So that’s the good news.

You won’t believe the bad news. While online searching for what happened to Shower Power, I decided to check out the Holy Cow website. Guess what? It no longer exists. You can find lots of buzz on various blogs about how great the stuff is but no website. Thinking this was kind of strange, I did a Google search for the originator’s name. Guess what? They sold their interest under two years ago and the current owners filed bankruptcy on Dec. 30, 2009. Holy Cow! Another great product gone!

So there you have it – the good news and the bad news. Maybe I should contact the Shower Power guys and see if they want to buy Holy Cow, as well?

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  1. Hi Crystal,

    Thanks for posting your good news.

    We're doing our best to keep Shower Power available to those who want it and we're glad you are a part of that group.

    Happy second half!