Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Year’s Resolutions Derailed

It happens to the best of us. New Year’s Resolutions get derailed, often by Feb 1st. That’s why I have goals instead. But goals can get derailed, too. Which is what happened to me just recently, on several fronts.

One of my New Year’s goals was to NOT spend any money on cards in 2010. I made a couple of cards for Jan birthdays and figured this was a no-brainer. Then I was called away from home and my mom’s birthday came up while I was gone. So what to do? Fortunately, I was going to be at her place and had the gift all done (a lap quilt with a personal label) so I decided to forgo the card and that worked fine. Now I’m back home before any more Feb birthdays come up at the end of this week and also later in the month. So I guess I need to dedicate a few minutes to making those cards and also schedule a day to make cards for the rest of the year so they’re all done and ready just in case I’m unexpectedly away from home again.

Another goal was to stretch and walk every day. I did great in Jan! If I meet the goal, I put a blue check mark on my calendar and this has been an extremely successful motivator. Who knew? What might I do for a gold star? Anyway, when away from home, the stretching and walking routines go out the window! I guess I won’t beat myself up too much beings I’m sure that’s pretty standard but I would like to stay on track a little better even when traveling.

A third goal that bit the dust in my absence was to post to this blog 3 times each week. I did manage one post but that’s it – oops. There’s an easy fix for this problem so I guess I need to get more organized. All I have to do is write some posts ahead and have them ready to go as drafts and then schedule them to publish on whatever date I choose. Simple. But will I do it? We’ll see.

Finally, I have my freelance writing, moneymaking goals. Totally planned to complete and submit an assignment for Textbroker since I’d have Internet access. What a nightmare! So many distractions and unfamiliar settings and software made that a nearly insurmountable challenge. So I need to get my new laptop travel ready and take it along so that at least I have software with which I’m familiar.

Now that I’m home again, things are getting back on track. We will be away from home again the end of this week but only for a few days rather than a week+. And it’s a planned absence so I can be better prepared and hopefully stay somewhat on track and experience less frustration!

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