Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thoughts Turn to Gardening -

Staying active throughout retirement is important to both mental and physical health. Around here, gardening is big! We (well, not me personally – I am NOT a gardener) have several plots that produce a wide variety of fresh vegetables and herbs each year. There is also a variety of fruit, grapes and berries to harvest each fall. And the flowers are unbelievably beautiful!

Tending gardens and flowerbeds provides a good physical workout and allows for creative expression. In addition, it just makes good economic sense! Why buy what you can grow yourself? Consider growing at least a bit of your own food. If space is a problem, try growing tomatoes and peppers in containers on the deck or patio. Add a few marigolds of a scented variety to repel some common pests and you’re all set!

Please Note: Photos are courtesy of Karen Balvin, Sunlitway Photography. It's really nice to have a professional photographer onsite!

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