Thursday, November 19, 2009

Quilting Complete! - 4 Days Later . . .

The quilting is complete! I used an invisible tacking method that is so invisible, I can't even see it. Can you?

And no, the white is not it. That's just the basting stitches outlining the mola panels. I did the invisible tacking every inch or so around the perimeter and inside each mola panel.

This backing is perfect as it has a 1/4" grid with the black lines that hide the black thread used to tack the backing to the top. How great is that?

To give you another chance, I took a close up. I know the stitches are there but I can't even find them in real life unless I run my fingernail across the little black stripes. And then it's still iffy. I sure would hate to have to remove any of these stitches.

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