Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another Cool Way to Save Some Cash

Dropped a box of books off yesterday at Budman's Book Mine, our local new and used bookstore. Credit received for these 10 destined-for-donation books (couldn’t sell any of them online - no bites when checking them on BookScouter – or trade any away through TitleTrader) came to almost $25.

One of the paperbacks I was letting go included the first two books in a three book series and I wanted to read the third. The credit received from the Book Mine is used toward books purchased there. The discount for used books is 60% so I got the third paperback in the series for $1.45 including tax. WOW! When I swap books on TitleTrader, the postage costs more than that. So lesson learned. Looks like the local option may be the best in many cases.

The Book Mine also allows credit to be used toward new books but at a lesser percentage discount so I will be keeping that in mind as they can order anything that isn’t in stock. How this will help me in my 100 Things Challenge I not sure but if I’m buying books anyway, at least I will save some money. Right? So remember to check your local used book dealer when letting go of good condition used books that are not finding a home elsewhere. You may be as pleasantly surprised as I was!

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  1. I like the idea of trading them in locally. I tried Bookscouter online several times and found no one buyer ever wanted enough of my books for them to prepay shipping. But then, maybe I just hve crappy books. Who knows?

    The next time I go to town the books are going to one of our local buyers. What they don't take will go to Goodwill or St. Vinnies.