Friday, November 27, 2009

Mola Tribute Quilt Closeups

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving - we sure did! Good food and family are always a winning combination.

Thought I'd upload some closeup shots of Mola Tribute. I am totally in awe of the elaborate stitching and fine workmanship of the Kuna Indian women who created these beautiful Mola panels.

I am especially impressed with the stitching on this one with all those little points that are turned and stitched by hand. Really intricate.

The Kuna women often use a mixture of traditional motifs and modern themes when creating the Mola panel designs.

The different colors seen through the cutouts in the black are actually small pieces of fabric sandwiched between the fabric layers and then exposed through cutouts made in the top layer.

For more Mola Tribute pictures, see the posts back to Nov. 6 on this blog or the Mola Tribute page at my Custom Memorial Quilts blog.

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