Friday, November 20, 2015

F is for Food

In addition to apples, other fresh fruit makes great car camping food. Bananas, for example, each come individually packaged by nature in an easy-to-remove wrapper! A few other suggestions include:
  • Fresh produce – especially baby carrots and cherry tomatoes
  • Dried fruit/nuts (trail mix) – but be careful, this is a very calorie dense snack option!
  • Juice boxes – may cost more but convenience usually comes at a price
  • Powdered milk – good staple to have on hand and available in small packets
  • Uncle Ben’s rice or Stove Top stuffing – sometimes you may choose to compromise for convenience
  • Peanut butter – individual servings or in a jar (kept upright to avoid oil leakage)
  • Eggs – boiled eggs can’t be beat as an easy protein source when it comes to convenience, nutrition and cost
  • Prepackaged, frozen steaks – individually wrapped, these beauties are great on the grill and keep several days in an ice chest

Just remember that the purpose of food is to fuel your body. When spending long hours sitting in the car, you don’t require as much fuel so choose your food wisely. And if you must have candy, buy “fun size” and put the extra out of reach – way out of reach! Also, you can share meals eaten out, which avoids waste, saves money and prevents weight gain. Happy travels!

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