Tuesday, September 8, 2015

C is for Clothing

When car camping, wear easy-care clothing layers.
The key to packing for a car-camping trip is to choose casual, multi-purpose, easy-care clothing that you can layer. I hate to admit it but I way over packed. I was doing well until I thought about the dramatic season change we’d experience during our 7-week road trip, starting in Alaska in mid-May and ending in the lower 48's southwestern states in late-June. So I added a bunch of clothes that took up valuable space and never even got worn.

Here’s what I’d take if I got a do over:
  • T-shirts – 5
  • Jeans – 3
  • Leggings – 2
  • Flannel shirt – 1
  • Jacket w/gloves – 1
  • Rain gear – 1
  • Hat w/brim – 1
  • Socks – 5
  • Hiking boots – 1
  • Slip-on shoes – 1
  • Tank tops – 3
  • Shorts – 2
  • Sandals – 1

This pared-down list would have easily gotten me through the whole trip just fine, despite changes in weather/climate. Next time I’ll pack lighter for sure! And in the meantime, clothing gets the third slot in my upcoming Car Camping ABCs guide.

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