Friday, September 4, 2015

B is for Bedding

My car-camping bedding goal was to mimic a real bed as closely as possible because I knew if I didn’t sleep well, neither of us would have any fun. Beings I didn’t have what I needed on hand, I bought the following:
  • Full-size air mattress (the 54-inch width fit nicely in the Outback and conformed to the wheel wells when inflated)
  • 12-volt air pump
  • Quilted cotton-top fitted mattress pad
  • Cotton flannel sheet sets (2)
  • Twin-size down alternative comforter (full size would have been too wide) 

I also packed several additional blankets/throws to give us individual control over our number of covers and we took our usual pillows from home.

Although you likely won’t spend as much time in bed while traveling as you do at home, how much you enjoy car camping will depend on whether you’re getting decent sleep, so bedding gets the second slot in my upcoming Car Camping ABCs guide.

NOTE: I added Amazon affiliate links to show bedding options similar to the ones I chose but be sure to read customer reviews and shop around for the best price. And you may not even need to buy bedding; check if you've already got some that will work or if you can borrow what you need.

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