Sunday, March 24, 2013

What is Old Age?

Old age can be a blissful time spent enjoying family and the fruits of your labors or it can be hell for you and everyone around you. Is there any middle ground? Of course - there's a lot of space between these two extremes but don't you want to end up closer to the first scenario than the second?

Old age is also a state of being, not a number. Some people are old by 50 while others are still sprightly at 80. As we say in my neck of the woods, it isn't the years, it's the miles that count.

I've been pondering differences in aging of late and clearly see that the way you age has more to do with choices and attitude than anything beyond your control. Some people insist that genetics is the most important factor in how we age but I suspect they're just using their family history as an excuse to avoid making changes in diet and/or lifestyle. Granted, people born with a tendency toward some affliction or another have more challenges than those who aren't, but you just have to take what you're given and work with it, right?

I'm off my intended 2013 posting schedule here at The Best 50 Years because I've spent the entire middle of the month away from home helping with the care of an 83-year-old invalid. Now that I'm home for a few days, I'll try to play catch up but no guarantees - I'm way behind on Project DO and we're kind of off the Cake-a-Week program beings we're rotating in and out (and will be for the foreseeable future). I'm also way behind on my custom memorial quilt orders so need to put all my attention there.

But here's a question for you all: How will old age be for you? Give this some serious thought. The decisions you make today and every day from here on out will determine how you age and how you feel and live when you finally get there.

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