Friday, May 25, 2012

More About Free Kindle Books on Amazon

Yes, I'm still in a downloading frenzy but I've gotten smarter about it. As I said in previous posts, there are hundreds of free ebooks every day and all you have to do is find them.

One way that I've found to make this task easier and more manageable is to check the free Kindle book lists posted on each day. That way, I'm not wading through a huge list and the books are nicely labeled, so I don't even have to read the description on some. For instance, I don't read horror, so if a book is of that genre, I just skip to the next.

My initial strategy for books that might be of interest was to read the description and then the reviews, and if the book sounded worthwhile, I'd download it. Well, anyone can publish now and friends and family will likely say nice things so I've wasted quite a bit of time on substandard fiction.

My new strategy? Take the time to use Amazon's cool Look Inside feature. Duh. It's not available for every book and doesn't do a bit of good on some but should still save me plenty of time and frustration.

For most books, Look Inside provides enough of a sample to get a good feel for the writer's style and ability. Where I've run into problems is with children's books where the preview often shows little more than the cover. Well, when I'm reading to Wyatt on my Cruz, having the text and pictures on separate pages doesn't work because we can only see one page at a time instead of two, like in a real book. Anyway, that's a small problem.

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