Monday, January 2, 2012

Getting Paid to Read - My Dream Has Come True!

I'm embarking on a long-awaited, new adventure this month. After three-plus decades, I am finally getting paid to read. Yes, you read that right - paid to read! Does is get any better than that?

A Little History

I love to read. I was the kid who preferred to stay inside during summer with my nose stuck in a book. I read my way through my teen years, early parenthood, my kids' teen years, and on and on. I also read in bed almost every night before I go to sleep (and researchers that say it's counterproductive and inhibits sleep obviously haven't studied me - it is THE way I fall asleep). So, of course I'd love to get paid to read. I mean, who wouldn't?

I've been wanting to get paid to read for over three decades, since my oldest child was born and I wanted to earn money working at home (was I ahead of my time, or what?). In fact, two decades ago, I bought Get Paid for Reading Books by Barbara Hensen. At the time, getting paid to read was just a dream, an ideal-sounding job. There was really no practical way, however, for me to put Ms. Hensen's experience and advice to use in my own life. But fast-forward 20 years and here I am with the opportunity to fulfill my dream. How cool is that?

So How Can I Get Paid to Read?

Let me explain. I am not just a reader. I'm also an obsessive error-finder. When I read, spelling and grammar errors seem to jump right off the page. Sometimes they even stop me cold. Well, since I've become "friends" with several authors online, I've found a way to put my innate tendencies to good use and help (as opposed to annoy) others at the same time by offering a final read-through service for eBooks and quilt/craft patterns.

One thing I know from experience to be absolutely true is that it's next to impossible to catch all your own errors when you finally get to the final draft of any written material. You will often see what is supposed to be there rather than what really is. After all, you know what you wrote, right? And that is most likely what you will read. Even if (well, especially if) you read it over and over and over again. Seriously, it's true - ask any author.

So, if you have written an eBook, let me be your fresh eyes. Let me read your final manuscript through to catch your overlooked errors. Or if you know anyone who may need a final read-through of an eBook or quilt/craft pattern, please send them my way.

Questions? For now, email me at crystal (at) hornsjewelry (dot) com or leave a comment here and I will contact you. Once I have my website live, I'll include a link in this post.

Update: went live 1/30/12!


  1. I plan on doing some eBook writing soon, and am going to take you up on this. I'm a good writer, not a good editor at all. Maybe we could email back and forth and you could give me your rates? kbrite at gmail dot com

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Kristine, and for your interest in my services! I'll email you the details.

  3. Crystal, I'm thrilled about your new adventure. I know first hand just how good you are at what you do.

  4. Thanks, Felicia! I appreciate your encouragement and kind comments.