Monday, January 30, 2012 is Open for Business!

My new site went live today and I am so excited! You may remember my previous post on getting paid to read. Well, it's officially official now - I have a website and everything!

My site is How clever is that? I'd like to take credit for the name but I can't. It was Felicia over at No Job for Mom who suggested I do a play on my name. I was leaning toward Fresh Eyes until my mom said it sounded like I was selling eye drops. So Felicia's brilliant suggestion (thanks, Felicia!) came along at just the right time. Seems like life often works out that way, doesn't it?

Anyway, head on over to and check it out. And if you see any typos, please let me know ASAP! I live in fear that I will have a typo on my proofreading services site, and how bad would that be for my business?

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