Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Got any last minute gift ideas?
Yikes! Christmas Eve is only 10 days away! Are you ready? Well, I should be but I'm not. Although my daughter got me started in August, do you think I could finish up my gift shopping without a last minute crisis? NO! I've still got two neices left on my list.

So what to do? Well, I'm taking a really easy way out - it's called delegation. After brainstorming all the possible options to get me out of my pickle, I called my daughter and cried the blues. Well, it worked. She's going to do my shopping for me. And better yet, our shopping trip to Kohl's last weekend netted us $40 in Kohl's cash, which has to be spent by the 18th, so I may not even be out much money.

Wait a minute - how does this encourage me to get it together better next year? Hmm. I guess it doesn't. But anyway . . .

Last-Minute and Consumable Gifts

For those of you who are in a panic and don't have a willing love-to-shop daughter (and who don't know my daughter's phone number), there are several other last minute gift options. For a few ideas I've used each year, check out the following articles I wrote at Suite 101 two years ago.

What are your favorite last minute gift suggestions?

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