Monday, March 8, 2010

Refocusing My Freelance Writing Efforts

One of the great things about being your own boss is the ability to re-evaluate and make adjustments as the need arises. In my quest to make money at home during retirement, I’ve tried a few different freelance-writing options – both up-front pay and residual income opportunities. Based on my experience with each and my future goals, I’ve recently concluded that I need to refocus my writing efforts.

Over the past seven months, I’ve spent the bulk of my time writing for up-front pay. While this is good for right now, it does nothing to secure the future. When I made my New Year’s goals this year, I’d planned to continue the paid writing at the same pace while working toward financial freedom by simultaneously developing the residual income side of things. Well, guess what? I can’t do it all!

Then to top it off, I started the Rugged Canyon Jewelry blog last month. It’s a lot of fun and really important for our business but does take a bit of creative energy and time. And then there’s this blog and my contributions to Spilled on this Earth. Anyway, I was feeling the need to let some things go and have fewer deadlines from clients.

Since making this slightly overdue decision, I actually feel as if a large weight has been lifted from me. I’m wrapping up my current obligations and will be able to start really focusing on publishing articles that generate residual income later this week. I recently purchased an ebook to help me with key word research so am anxious to read that first thing. I’ve really enjoyed my writing journey thus far and am looking forward to seeing how it evolves over the next few months!

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