Saturday, January 23, 2010

Supplement Retirement Income with Freelance Writing

Many retirees are interested in making extra money. Some need to supplement their income just to get by. One viable income producing option is freelance writing. Thanks to the Internet, most anyone can find a variety of opportunities from the comfort of home.

I began my freelance writing journey quite by accident. Last summer I stumbled upon the No Job For Mom (NJFM) blog and found out about Textbroker and eHow. Once I knew what to look for, I found endless opportunities online just waiting to be explored. I'm a firm believer, however, in using my time wisely by learning from others and this is where various blogs are so valuable.

To that end, I track the NJFM blog daily as Felicia always has good, relevant info to share. I also keep my eyes peeled for other blogs of interest. Today, through a comment on Felicia's blog, I found a great post that could save a newbie a ton of time. Master Dayton has generously shared 50 Things Beginning Writers Should Know. Makes me glad I'm still a beginner!

If you're a retiree who would like to make some money from home, consider whether freelance writing may be right for you. Do your research to zero in on the legitimate opportunities and to avoid those that are a waste of time or worse yet, a scam. There's a wealth of information available based on the personal experiences of those further along the path. Seek the wisdom of these pioneers and when the time comes, share your knowledge and experience, as well.

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