Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Declutter Your Clothes

Week 3 of the AARP Clutter Challenge focuses on clothing. How many items do you have taking up valuable space that you won’t, don’t or can’t wear? Time to clear out the excess and release those items! Clutter Challenge leader, Ciji Ware, recommends “getting rid of anything that doesn’t suit your present age, stage, lifestyle, or size.” Does that sound like half of your clothes? Well, there are many options for moving clothing along.

If you have items that you just can’t part with but that are no longer usable as is, consider whether they can be upcycled. Think throw pillows or quilts, such as the one pictured here. Check out my Custom Memorial Quilts blog for ideas. Just click on the specific project pages on the right. And if you’d like a quilt made from your clothing, I’d be happy to help – see details on my website, CustomMemorialQuilts.com.

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