Sunday, September 20, 2009

What I'm Reading Now - 50 Things To Do When You Turn 50

Just got this book through, an online book swap site I joined a year or so ago. Haven't read much yet but have looked at all the chapter headings, the first of which is Stop Complaining. Good advice for any age!

Anyway, the book is broken into eight sections, as follows:
1. Finding Your 50-something Attitude
2. Making Peace with the Mirror
3. Redefining Fitness
4. Staying Strong
5. Managing Your Career at Midlife
6. Mastering Your Money
7. Having Fun Like a Grown-up
8. Watching the Big Picture

Each section has 4-9 essays contributed by “celebrities, artists, pundits and business experts” who are touted as “50 experts on the subject of turning 50.” How cool is that? Published in 2005, the back of the book claims that 50 million North Americans will turn 50 during the next ten years. Are we all in good company, or what?

I will be reading 50 Things To Do When You Turn 50 section by section (not necessarily in order) and will post my impressions as time goes by. I can tell that my favorite section will probably be Mastering Your Money. Essay 32, by Eric Friedman, is titled Budget To Your 100th Birthday and goes on to point out that “The odds of making it another 50 years are better than ever.” What have I been saying? Don’t you just love it when your views are validated? Especially when the validation comes from an expert? Guess I’d better get right on this book as I’m no longer 50 - my 51st birthday has already come and gone.

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