Friday, October 9, 2015

S is for Storage

When car camping, space is at a premium. After all, you’re sleeping each night in the same small area that houses your stuff by day. Even if you have storage of some sort attached to the top of your vehicle, there will be a lot of stuff with you in your car.

Handy storage items we used on our 12,360-mile road trip include:
  • Visor organizer – great place for things such as passport cards, vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and National Park annual pass
  • Seat back organizer – perfect for things I wanted within easy reach from bed, such as my Cruz Reader, reading glasses, earplugs, and travel clock
  • Plastic tote boxes – kept food, kitchen stuff, clothing, etc. organized
  • Small ice chest – kept up front for snacks
  • Command™ hooks to keep trash bag at hand but out of the way
Ample storage makes car camping much more enjoyable so plan your storage well!

NOTE: I added Amazon affiliate links to show storage options similar to the ones I chose but be sure to read customer reviews and shop around for the best price.

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