Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Smoke Season 2015

River Complex fire perimeter (gold) 8-26-2015
Well, we're nearly a month into smoke season here in the Trinity Alps. A multitude of lightning strikes started a series of fires in late July that have morphed into several complexes, the closest to us being the River Complex (see gold patch in the image).

According to a Record Searchlight headline (neighboring county's newspaper), about 10% of Trinity County has burned in the past few weeks. Not only is this devastating for the forests, many people have lost homes, as well.

As the smoke hangs heavy here in the canyon, my heart goes out to those who have lost so much to fire in the past few weeks, here in Trinity County as well as elsewhere in California and the Pacific Northwest.

NOTE: The image shows the River Complex fire perimeter as of this morning in gold with red dots/circles showing current activity, the 2006 burnout in green (we're somewhere in that area), the 2008 fire perimeter in purple, and a previous burn in blue. Sure not much left un-scorched around here.

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