Tuesday, February 4, 2014

ManageWP Helps Make Life Simpler!

Over the years, I've acquired a bit of online real estate. In addition to this blog, I have several more and also several websites. It's gotten to the point that I often can't even remember what all I have and it's become such a confusing mess that I'm desperate for a solution that will actually simplify my life rather than just add yet another layer of complexity.

So...is there an answer? Well, maybe there is.

I've long yearned for a simple way to manage my various WordPress blogs/sites, each of which has distinct login info to keep track of and type in every time I want to post or do maintenance. With just one or two, no problem - get three or more and it starts to be an annoying, time-sucking hassle. I like the way Blogger has a single dashboard with all my blogs hosted here available in one spot. Imagine my delight when I found out last week that there are options available to similarly manage multiple WordPress sites, too.

WordPress Multisite

Apparently, newer WordPress versions include a feature called Multisite. According to the glossary at WordPress.org:

"Multisite is a feature of WordPress 3.0 and later versions that allows multiple virtual sites to share a single WordPress installation. When the multisite feature is activated, the original WordPress site can be converted to support a network of sites."

Sounds great for the techies out there but not for me - I want simpler and just thinking about creating a network of sites supported by one site gives me a headache.

Finding Other WordPress Management Options

In my quest for a simple WordPress management solution, I typed "manage wordpress blogs" into a search engine and came up with lots of options! Why didn't I think of this years ago? Well, in my defense, these solutions are relatively new so wouldn't have been available back then... but still...

Instead of trying to figure out all the details of each option myself, I read some comparison posts, such as:

and a few reviews, such as:

In the end, I settled on the free account at ManageWP, which allows me to manage up to five WordPress blogs/sites at no cost (scroll down - there really is a no-cost option). And why did I choose ManageWP over the others? Mostly because my research indicated it was the one I was least likely to find frustrating. And so far, so good! I now have one dashboard from which I can access each blog and there are even things I can do to any or all of them from that single location. I'm loving the simplicity and am now a happy camper!


  1. Good info, Crystal. Once I fix my hosting problems I'll look into it.

    1. Glad this might be helpful to you, Felicia - you're actually the inspiration for this post. Recently on No Job for Mom, you mentioned that one of your reasons for blogging is it's the best filing system you've found and I realized you're absolutely right! Now if I want to revisit this subject, I'll know just where to look. And others can benefit from my research, as well.