Saturday, December 28, 2013

Publishing Delay but Never Fear - Impossible Beyond This Point is Almost Here!

Getting Impossible Beyond This Point into finished book form has been a labor of love and a mega-challenge. While I optimistically projected (and repeatedly insisted - so much for positive thinking!) that it would be published in "late" 2013, I must now admit to myself and the world that it will not actually be done until some time in January 2014. But here's a peek at the cover. What do you think?

So...what happened?

Well, we had a few struggles selecting, scanning and formatting the 100 photos, which added weeks to the process. Then after all that seemed resolved, I found a few minor issues with the final proof and just can't let it go into print until it's as perfect as possible. In addition, the cover in real life is a little darker than it appears here, so we've got to adjust the color and contrast and whatever else needs adjusting. Of course, the proof came during the holidays when the key players in this project are running all around enjoying Christmas with family and taking some much earned time away from work. Anyway, while I'm disappointed that it isn't finished yet, we're all back on the job and it will be done SOON - yippee!

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