Saturday, October 19, 2013

Finally Jumped on the Pinterest Bandwagon!

I may be sorry but I've finally joined Pinterest. Why did I join? Because my mom showed me all the cool stuff she's been pinning to her Cleaning Up After Myself and Nifty Tricks boards. Why might I be sorry? Because I just don't need one more thing to complicate my life - I'm trying to simplify and adding to an already full plate usually makes things more hectic and complex. But if I can use Pinterest to keep track of things I want to revisit, maybe it will simplify my life. Just think - no more searching for recipes or ideas I find that I want to try ... someday.

So I had my first real 'pin' today - something I stumbled across online that I want to try later but would lose  or forget if I bookmarked it or added it to my favorites or whatever on my browser. Now when I want to actually make 15 meals ahead, all I have to do is go to my Cool Ideas Pinterest board and there will be the link to the blog post with the directions. Well, I guess then I'll have to actually prepare the food for the meals but...

I'm hoping that I can use Pinterest to quickly and easily re-find things online rather than have it become a total time waster. So far, with the exception of the first day on the site, I haven't wasted any time just surfing pin boards - but I can see there's looming danger...

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