Thursday, September 12, 2013

Homemade Cooler - No Electricity or Ice Required!

In editing Impossible Beyond This Point, I came across mention of a 'swamp cooler' Virgil had built to keep perishable foods cool during the summer without any power, fuel or ice. Thinking there should be a little more detail than just that, I made my hubby sit down long enough to tell me briefly how Virgil built it and here's what we've got:

"The swamp cooler consisted of a box made from old wooden fruit crates covered with burlap and chicken wire with a door on the front side. A section of garden hose fed an aluminum trough with holes drilled in it to allow the water to drip down over the burlap. On legs made from wooden poles, the cooler sat about four feet off the ground in the shade where it could catch any available breeze and it kept their food cool but not cold."

Pretty cool, huh?

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