Thursday, December 27, 2012

Who Would Wash Diapers in a Stream?

I’m completely appalled and more than a little fired up today! In an article about camping on a ‘green’ cloth diapering site, I found the following:
How to wash in camp: Take your diapers to the nearest stream or collect fresh water in a bucket. Sprinkle soap on the diaper and scrub away. (Again, if you’re at a stream, make sure you’re downstream from your water supply and other campers.)
WHAT!!! Are you kidding me??? Wash your diapers IN the stream but just make sure that you’re downstream from YOUR water supply and other campers. What about the folks downstream from you? Hmm.

Are the owner/writers at this site so focused on promoting and selling products that they completely dispense with common sense? It appears so. After all, who could be this ignorant? And surely no one who reads this piece of ridiculous (and I might add totally ANTI-GREEN) advice would really wash diapers in a stream – right?

I’ve chosen not to include a link to the site and have sent in a request for them to edit the article. I sure hope they do so!

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