Sunday, February 5, 2012

Crystal Clear Edits Logo - I'm Branded Now!

Crystal Clear Edits logo
by Karen Horn at Sunlitway
Check out the stellar logo Karen at Sunlitway designed for Crystal Clear Edits! Isn't it great? How clever is she to use a shining star in my name? I am so happy to have a cool logo for my new venture!

In addition to the logo and background photo on the site, Karen also designed some ads for me. One is already featured on a writer's blog and I have a couple more ad-placement plans in the works.

So, who is Karen anyway?

For those who don't know, Karen is my SIL who also happens to be a professional photographer and graphic designer. How lucky am I to have so much talent close at hand?

But guess what? You can benefit from Karen's talent, too. Logos, ads, website background photos - what do you need? Contact her through Sunlitway and I'm sure she'll be happy to discuss your website and/or project design needs.


  1. Hi Crystal - Love the new logo, it fits perfectly with your new business. Karen does great work!

  2. Yes, Deanna, she does do good work. And I like this logo more every time I see it! Now I just wish my real handwriting was as neat and attractive as that font.:)