Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blogging for Beginners by Felicia A. Williams

Old cover . . .

Blogging for Beginners Make Money Blogging is a new eBook just released by Felicia A. Williams that gives a newbie basic info and techniques to be a successful blogger and earn money blogging. For those who don't know, Felicia is a full-time blogger/writer that I "met" online a couple of years ago. Since that time, I’ve become a faithful follower of No Job for Mom, the little slice of cyber-heaven where Felicia shares what she’s learned to help others “free themselves from the rat race in order to have a more fulfilling life . . .”

Read Blogging for Beginners Make Money Blogging to learn everything you need to know to, well, make money blogging. In classic Felicia-style, you will find no tricks, gimmicks or get rich schemes. What you will find is clearly presented, solid information on setting up your blog, choosing blog topics, posting frequency, search engine optimization and much more.

NEW cover!!!
So what are you waiting for? For just $9.98 you can grab yourself a copy of Blogging for Beginners Make Money Blogging and be on the road to success! (And yes, that image is an affiliate link but I would still have gladly written this post without it. After all, if Felicia were a rock band, I would be her biggest groupie!)

Please note: This post was updated 11/18/11 to reflect the new title. It's the same great info but with an updated cover that gives a clearer indication of the contents.

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