Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How Flexible Are You?

Flexibility is important for health - especially as we age - so I have a daily stretching routine to ensure that I remain flexible. Can I bend over and touch the floor? Yes. Can I bend over and touch my head to the floor? Are you kidding? Anyway, I couldn’t resist sharing this cute picture of our little almost-three grandson on an indoor egg quest at Easter. So - how flexible are you?


  1. That picture is priceless! And yes, I can touch the floor, but if I were to do what your grandson is doing, I'd end up in the hospital for sure! :)

  2. Yeah, me too, Felicia. Do you suppose they'd let us be roommates?

  3. What an adorable photo!

    I must admit, though, I'm not very flexible myself. I can't even bend down and touch the floor! The most my hands can reach is down to my ankles. =/ That's one of the reasons why I want to start yoga. A little flexibility can't hurt, right?

    By the way, which stretching routines do you do? Thanks for sharing the cute image with all of us! :3


  4. I have a door gym and incorporate stretching into my strength training, and I have a little yoga routine, as well. Definitely work on your flexibility now - it doesn't get easier with age! Although you're a LONG way from having to worry about it, flexibility is especially important in the second half. Just start slow and work on it daily and you'll be touching the floor in no time:)