Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Countdown to Christmas

Christmas Eve is just two days away. I’m actually more ready than I thought I’d be when I last posted to this blog although I am going to end up doing my final shopping on Christmas Eve which has NEVER happened before – EVER!!! How on earth did this happen to me this year?

Thank goodness for the Internet! I’ve actually ordered a couple of gifts this year and had them shipped direct. How slick is that? It cost $4.99 each for the shipping but would have cost me at least that much to ship them myself after paying the $4.99 to have them sent to me. So I saved there for sure. I’m also sending an Amazon gift certificate by email, which is even better than sending a gift direct by mail. But next year, for the sake of my sanity and health, I just have to be better prepared. This last minute stuff drives me crazy!

Rather than kicking myself repeatedly for my failures, I guess I need to focus on my successes of late. Since embarking on my freelance writing journey in late July, I’ve made close to $700. Not a fortune by any stretch but a good use of the time I’ve invested. I’m also developing residual income streams, which is where the real earnings potential lies. In addition, I’ve been keeping up this blog pretty well. Plus, I completed a custom memory quilt in November. So I’m making some money at home with every indication of continuing to do so at an ever-increasing rate into the foreseeable future. I guess that’s not a bad trade off for being a little unprepared for Christmas.

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