Sunday, October 11, 2009

100 Things Challenge Revived! Care to Join Me?

Got reminded today of my original blog – the one that quit letting me upload pictures last Dec so I took my marbles and went elsewhere to play. Anyway, someone stumbled on it and left a comment last month but the moderation notice got lost in my inbox until today. So I visited my own neglected blog and remembered that I’m in the middle of the 100 Things Challenge!

How Does It Work?

So just what is the 100 Things Challenge, anyway? Well, the original challenge was to eliminate stuff until you were down to just 100 things. It’s a very cool idea started by a guy named Dave who not only met the challenge but has now lived with it for almost a year! I modified the challenge for myself so that I was to get rid of 100 things. I originally planned to do this within a year but when I updated my orphaned blog on 9/14/08 I was at 44 things so I think I’m behind. But not to worry! I can just pick right up where I left off. I know I’ve gotten rid of at least 6 things in the past year so I’m going to start today at 50 down and 50 to go.

The Good News!

I’ve been going through books and even sold some online (see my post). I’ve got 3 packages of sold books headed to the PO this week, 1 book ready to ship to a fellow Title Trader member and 1 box to take to the local used book store. So the way I count all that is 5 items added to the list. I’d sure get this done faster if I counted individual books but then I would have passed the 100 mark a long time ago and still have way too much stuff!

Running list of things gone (goal for this list = 50)
  1. box of 9 sold books to Powell's
  2. box of 5 sold books to Book Emporuim
  3. box of 3 sold books to Powell's
  4. 2 books to TT members
  5. box of 12 books to Book Mine
  6. another box of 10 books to Book Mine (list update 11/2/09)
  7. 3 quilt books to quilt store
  8. book to TT member
  9. 2 books given to friends
  10. box of 8 books to charity (list update 11/14/09)
  11. book to TT member (is this starting to look like just a get-rid-of-books campaign or what???)

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